HOOVERPHONIC will once again arrive in Bratislava in the spring.

On Friday, March 18, 2022, they will perform in their original line-up with singer Geike Arnaert at the MMC Club.

This cult Belgian band will grace us with their performance as part of their tour celebrating the 20th anniversary of THE MAGNIFICENT THREE album.

This will be their fifth concert in Slovakia. The band originated in the mid 1990’s and the last time they visited Slovakia was in October of 2019. They performed an almost sold-out show at the Babylon Studio in Bratislava, where they brought out their tenth studio record, Looking For Stars. At that time, bassist Alex Callier and guitarist Raymond Geerts invited 18-year-old singer Luke Cruysberghs, the winner of the talent competition The Voice of Flanders 2018, to join their band. With Luka onboard, HOOVERPHONIC managed to fulfil their personal vision of creating successful “retro futuristic” music worldwide.

Over time, Hooverphonic moved from their original style of trip hop to the genre of dream pop, indie and alternative. Their world-famous music has appeared in television series such as Baywatch, Sex and the City and in commercials for Volkswagen and Danone. Hits like Eden, 2Wicky, Mad About You, Bada Boum are the gems of their musical production. Throughout their successful musical journey, the project underwent several changes and replaced several vocalists, where only Geike Arnaert and Noémie Wolfs remained with them for the longest time (11 years).

After some exceptional albums and experimental work, Hooverphonic is now returning to its roots. The iconic voice that turned many people into their lifelong fans has returned. It is Singer Geike who delivers songs with a mixture of empathy and passion full of melancholy and the burden of life. “We have collided. We started talking. We all felt the urge and desire to work together again, so we decided to go for it. This is a unique Hooverphonic lineup, it is our core. It’s really that simple. “

The Magnificent Three, the nickname given to them by the Japanese, are back. Their separation in 2008 was not hasty or resentful, although some journalists suggested it. Geike simply wanted to make a solo recording and branch off on her own. Guitarist Raymond jokingly agrees: “We didn’t say goodbye to each other with our knives out. (Laughter) We are not angry or upset. “For Geike, it was as if she had returned home:” We wanted to celebrate the anniversary of the recording. Just talking about it brings back a lot of pleasant memories. It’s a strange sensation and I am very happy to jump back on a train already in motion. “